Bob and Irene Teesdale

Greensboro, NC, USA

Irene Teesdale is a gerontologist, life coach, and transition specialist. As one who studies the process of aging, Irene celebrates the beauty of life in all of its stages. She studied art and photography at Penn Yan Academy, in New York, and has had commissioned artwork at doctor’s offices, restaurants, and commercial establishments from New York to Nashville. She has also received awards for her lithographs in New York.
Bob Teesdale is a writer, musician, and philosopher, whose interest in photography began at an early age, even predating his interest in music. His life journey has been an inter-displinary study of visual art, performance art, and philosophy. He is fascinated with the interconnectednessof everyone and everything in the universe, and his music and art reflects that perspective.

Books by Bob and Irene Teesdale