Icees Allison

Chattanooga, Tn 37415

Icees Allison grew up in Birmingham, AL. She attended public schools during the 1970's and 80's. During this time she faced the disability dyslexia. There was not much help or resoureces available to children and adults with dyslexia in the 80's.
Icees was determined not to let this learning disablilty slow her down. She went on to become a professional figure skater, winning two gold medals at two different (I.S.I. ) figure skating championships. Icees Allison went on to become a professional animal groomer, model, artist, photographer, and poet. It soon became evident to Ms. Allison the need for books for special needs children and adults. Icees wishes to give back to a world that has been so kind to her. She acknowledges that everyone is different and special at the same time. Everyone should believe in their dreams. Dreams do come true.

Books by Icees Allison