yako (Jean-Christophe Yacono)

Montreal, Quebec

yako's photographic research revolves around the movement as perceived during repeated trips. Somewhere between wakefulness and meditation, he is guided through spaces and places captured as if they were solely made of rays of light.

The use of "in-cam-bnw-hi-contrast-hi-iso-low-speed" shooting setting allows yako to capture images that evoke traces of remembrance more than they deal with the present.

Yako | In Concert presents the first two parisian series taken at the Black Minou and Quality Motel Concerts (Bus Palladium, April 2017 and Planète Mars, May 2017) in addition to the magnificent 270º audio reactive set of Push 1 stop (Satosphère de Montréal - April 2017).

Books by yako (Jean-Christophe Yacono)