Idan Levin


I document a world hidden within the world we live in, providing an alternate view: prying, mysterious, lonely, and sometimes resembling a sci-fi post-apocalyptic cinematic scene.

At night I find myself departing from the boundaries of society: exploring self through altering my immediate surroundings, altitude, temperature, humidity, and light. I prowl the streets at night, seeking a unique vantage point from which I can capture an alternate view of the world.

My subjects are often normal, everyday places which I make unique through access, vantage point, and time. Exposing places in unusual ways, I create an intimate view penetrating into private or exclusive areas. My images evoke the experience of sweeping movement through space, often translating to the progression of projects or events moving through time, i.e. "life in the fast lane" as opposed to "cross-town traffic".

Books by Idan Levin