Rod Pforr

Cleveland QLD Australia

I have been in photography for over 40 years.
Like most photographers I have no formal training in Photography.
I was trained by listening and observing some of the worlds best photographers acrcos the globe.
I use" image management" to produce my pictures.
That is a picture management system based on the science of management.
THE AIM is to " plan a stratergy" . then apply "a structure" to the images that you plan and thirdly apply the skill to the project.

In practise you need to "plan well before you take up the camera''.

This mangement system improves your total image quality by a huge amount. You can take any subject and apply this system and it will produce images of outstanding quality time after time.

I now teach and mentor all types of photographers acroos the globe.
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I 'll be glad to hear from you.

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