Indigo Bath & Body

woodstock, ga

Indigo Bath and Body products is dedicated to helping you indulge your cravings with unique scents and combinations to give you something out of the ordinary. We're always adding new combinations, so if you have a suggestion, please let us know!

Why use Indigo Bath & Body? We believe in indulging your senses and pampering your skin, not our wallet. By supporting Indigo Bath & Body, you're supporting a family run business who cares about their products and customers. All of our products are available to you with just a few mouse clicks away and delivered right to your door. Give us a try, we think you'll be back for more.

In addition to my love of natural products and the creativity of designing each log of soap, I have always been fascinated with the images captured on film. I am able to combine the two, using my photos in my work as unique labels for my soap.

Areas of Expertise

I started Indigo Bath and Body after a search for quality bath and body products led me to create my own line. I have searched high and low for quality ingredients and oils to satisfy my demands. I use only the finest refined butters, fragrance & essential oils, herbals, and carrier oils to make up the very best products.

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