Louise Marchal

North Yorkshire, UK.

Born in Ripon in 1972, Louise grew up in North Yorkshire and gained a Scottish M.A. with Honours in English Literature from Glasgow University in 1995. Towards this she studied a two year tripos including two years reading the History of Art. After a brief spell in publishing at Chatto & Windus, London, Louise married and had two children. When her marriage broke up in 2002 Louise moved back North and helped to research the Frances Darlington exhibition in 2002-3, whilst also undertaking a course in Philosophy at Leeds University. Following an exhibition of her work in New York in 2004, Louise took an M.A. in Fine Art at Sunderland University where she achieved a Distinction in 2007 and where she went on to gain a consecutive M.A. in Curatorial Practice in 2008. Louise had her first solo show Play | > Pause || at The Fishmarket Gallery in Northampton in 2008. In 2012 her work was pre-selected for the Threadneedle Art Prize. Louise lives in Yorkshire with her two children.

Books by Louise Marchal