Ingrid Torvund


Ingrid Torvund just finished her bachelor at the art academy i Oslo (Norway) ,where she focused on making this movie titled "Magic blood machine".In the movie we are introduced to a half-mad fairytale universe. 
During a series of tableaux, we see characters in masks, in a forest landscape that is trying to revive a teddy bear-like god figure, by reconstructing his body.In lingering images, we witness a mythological play without dialogue but with mysterious rituals, grief, time travel and hope.This is the book used in rituals in the film.
Most of the filming took place in Kviteseid in Vest Telemark, where I grew up.Vest-Telemark is known for folk music, wood carving, storytelling and old churches, where pagan and christian symbols exist side by side.Dragons, angels, crosses and demons, troll and talking animals are all present in this tradition.This mixture has intrigued me greatly growing up.

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