Inge Wesselink

Gouda, Zuid Holland, The Netherlands

Who is Photographinky?
Photographinky is Inge Wesselink. Born in 1993 in Waddinxveen, The Netherlands.
After successfully graduating my first challenge – learning to walk – the inner workings of my mind decided it was time for some more challenges: drawing, painting and pottery. After a serious accident I found myself back at square one: learning to walk again. These were difficult times but I succeeded. Time for a new challenge: photography. As an adolescent in heart and soul I often “borrowed” my dad’s Sony Cybershot without his consent. I was eleven years at that time and had no knowledge of photography at all. I just enjoyed the ride and it was picking up speed. Soon after that I taught myself to work with photo image editing software, got my first Nikon D50 digital reflex camera and became interested in analog photography. I’m now also the proud owner of a complete set of darkroom equipment and my lovely Mamiya 645.
The big challenge has only just begun.

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