Irene Liebler

Guilford, Connecticut, USA

I’m from New Haven, Connecticut and have always loved art and drawing. My grandmother would save the white cardboard inserts from panty hose packages for me to use as paper to draw on.

I graduated from the University of Connecticut School of Fine Arts with a degree in Graphic Design. There I took a couple of photography courses and learned about film and darkroom skills. It was at UConn where I first learned to use a Mac. When I graduated, I dove right into desktop publishing and went off on my own as a freelancer for the next 23 years.

I’ve had a camera since the 4th or 5th grade, a Polaroid in high school, then my Dad’s old Canon. My first digital was the Canon Powershot G2, then the Rebel. My current camera is a 5D Mark II – which I love.

I learned about digital photography and lighting online, and am so grateful for the endless resources that other artists share.

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