William Paul Howard

Kansas City, Missouri, USA

I took my first photographs with a Brownie box camera that belonged to my Great Aunt Margaret when I was very young. She had given me my very first tips on how to get good pictures.

In my early teens, one of my father's friends was Photo Editor for the Associated Press in Kansas City. His name was Bill Straeter and he was AP photographer of the year in 1957. He taught me how to use professional equipment, both 35mm and twin lens reflex cameras.

I have been taking photographs ever since and have made the jump to digital. The advances in digital processors and software which enable the photographer to manipulate the digital image much the same way that film could be manipulated in the darkroom, finally made digital irresistible.

I have decided to also take advantage of the self-publishing phenomenon. After a few experiments several years ago, I have decided to jump in. I have a lifetime of work that I would like to share.