Plus Gallery

Denver, CO 80202

Plus Gallery is a long-standing progressive contemporary art program operating in Denver, Colorado. Since 2001 the gallery has built a formidable reputation as a valuable resource for the art and collector community through solo exhibitions by some of Colorado's most prestigious and forward thinking artists, as well as an ongoing experimental forum for new media. The program offers an extensive selection of works by visionary national artists and often serves as an incubator for new emerging talent. Plus Gallery collaborates with partners throughout the Denver area in order to raise the vitality of the local scene, complementing the efforts put forth at the institutional level in order to construct a more creative and dynamic community.

Areas of Expertise

Plus Gallery specializes in professional artist representation and has a wide knowledge of both regional, national and international contemporary art. In house specialties include graphic design and film/video.

Professional Affiliations

Plus Gallery is a member of the Denver Art Dealers Association. Owner Ivar Zeile was a member of the Denver Mayor's Commission for Cultural Affairs for six years starting in 2006, and has served as a board member of prestigious art programs including PlatteForum, the Denver Art Museum's DAM Contemporaries, and community arts incubator Redline.

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