About the Author

Dianne J. Bell
Blurbarian Since August 2007
Name Dianne J. Bell
My Web Site http://diannebell.net
Location Pleasant Prairie, WI
Gender Female
My Occupation Nature Photographer
My Bio I was given a second chance to see the wonderful world of nature around me after receiving organ transplant donations of corneas to replace the disease ravaged ones I had been trying to see through. I feel compelled to share this vision with those who do not have the opportunity to get out and take part in the beautiful world of birds and animals.

Dianne Bell is a freelance photographer/writer who writes about birds and bird life. She self publishes her books. Dianne brings the birds to a more personal level.  She lives with the birds and discovers unique things that can only be seen in an up-close and personal level.  Her beautiful photography delves into the private side of the subject, showing secrets that nature does not readily release to the casual observer.  The descriptive text provides the details to support the story behind the photo's.

Things I Don't Mind The World Knowing

Spoiler alert: I'm thinking my next book will be about...
Tree Dancers, Their Journey and Trials
Walk through the woods, discovering all the beautiful things that nature hides from those who are too busy too take the time to seek them out.  During this peaceful walk, a pair of White-breasted Nuthatch’s are found building their nest in a very large Oak Tree. The methods they use are amazing!  Nature exposé's some of it’s beautiful secrets, but also shows some of it’s darker side in this story about the love and devotion of these lovely birds.  
This book is addictive. Read it. (At your own risk.)
A Boy's Journal~~Josiah Tyrrel
by MJ Smith
ISBN 978-0-9821245-0-5