Jacinta Holtslag


Jacinta Holtslag lives and works in Amsterdam. Nature’s Smile is her second art book release, following Yesterday's Footsteps. She has also released video portraits on Dutch authors Henk Romijn Meijer and Mensje van Keulen, as well as a video documentary on the rituals in the southern Italian countryside.

Jacinta Holtslag vive e lavora ad Amsterdam. In questa stessa collana ha pubblicato Yesterday's Footsteps. Ha realizzato il DVD che racconta l’opera e la vita degli autori olandesi Henk Romijn Meijer e Mensje van Keulen. Sarà presto presentato un documentario sugli usi e le tradizioni contadine dell’Italia meridionale.

Information, contact and orders: www.jacintaholtslag.nl

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