James Verbicky

California, US

Born in Edmonton, Alberta, in 1973, James Verbicky spent the majority of his early life between Victoria and Vancouver, British Columbia. He began painting around the age of four, when he was enrolled in an adult oil painting class after instructors noticed his premature ability to draw 3-Dl objects. Since that time, Verbicky has taught himself through experimentation with unusual substances, tools, and vivid color, creating and honing his own unique techniques and methods. Six years ago, Verbicky made the commitment to move to the United States to fulfill a dream of establishing himself in the competitive contemporary art market in southern California. After struggling with legitimacy for many years, Verbicky attained the rarely bestowed “Extraordinary Ability” green card from the United States government due to his involvement with a myriad of galleries, prominent art collectors, museums, and charity organizations across America. (see http://www.jamesverbicky.com for more info)

Books by James Verbicky