James Edward Scherbarth

Minneapolis,Minnesota USA

James Edward Scherbarth (Jim) lives and works in Minnesota. His current mediums are oil+wax abstract painting, digital photography/montage & kumihimo art jewelry with themes about time & patinas, symbols, travels & memories. Each piece of his visual art and jewelry is built upon layers of color, line and texture. The work is about patinas acquired over time, the evidentiary marks of experience and life’s accumulation of layers. Layers built over time and into timelessness: layers of color, shades of memories, and reflections of nature. Each image - painting, digital montage or piece of art jewelry - is an emotional statement, a memory recalled, or a fleeting glimpse of nature’s diverse beauty.
Through an intuitive process of constructing & deconstructing, of collecting, blending, erasing, blurring, marking and clarifying I discover the image, the story within, the emotion and history behind it.

Books by James Edward Scherbarth