Toby Lowther


I have wanted to be an author for many years. At a young age I enjoyed writing tales of heroes. I specilise in Epic Fantasy Quests (A story where the main character goes on a quest in another world). At the age of Eight I started on what was to become A Tale of Grim. I built the characters up as I went along. Midget was the name that fitted the character: a short boy who is full of energy. Often timid. Mac, EThea, Carl and the others where random names that just came to mind on the spur of the moment. It took me two years to finish A Tale of Grim, finishing it at the age of Ten. I would set the book as good for the age-range I was when I wrote it, 8 to 10. I am now aged 12. I hope you enjoy A Tale of Grim, and enjoy further books I will publish.

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