Jamaal Daniel

Griffin,GA, USA

My name is Jamaal “Jay” Daniel and I am a Something-something year old photographer/graphic designer from Griffin, GA. I graduated from Columbus State University with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature. In the evenings I spend my time mentoring 6th graders. I am 100% aware that none of things connect with one another at all but rest assured I am pretty good at all of them.

My uncle, Oscar gave me my first camera and I instantly fell in love with photography…..and then out of love with it because I knew absolutely nothing about it at all. But then I fell in love with the process of learning it and here we are!

I love to create. I love to see nothing and put something there or to see something that no one else pays attention to and bring their attention to it. I love to show the world my view of it. Photography helps me to do this because it allows me to dissect a subject, freeze it, and capture the subtle nuances that we rarely have the time to observe in the daily shuffle of li

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