OBVIOUS Magazine

Beverly Hills, CA

OBVIOUS Magazine is a Los Angeles and New York City-based, bi-monthly publication; focusing on Men’s and Women's Fashion, Lifestyle, Culture, Empowerment, and Trends.

OBVIOUS represents empowerment, diversity, and change. Our growing audience is our biggest asset. They inspire us to create thought provoking uplifting content, which in return presents the opportunity for inspiration, imagination, and evolution. We are the voice for those that do not yet realize they have a voice. We are a team of visionaries dedicated to empowering our readers and making a difference in culture, fashion and lifestyle.

“We treat each issue as if its our first. We owe this to our readers.” — Jerris Madison, Editor in Chief | Creative Director

Areas of Expertise

Fashion, Culture, Lifestyle, Beauty, Music, Trends, Social Media and Empowerment.

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