Jayms Ramirez

San Francisco, ca

Jayms Ramirez has been on the road for the past 15 years in 40 countries as an intrepid traveler, guide and photographer.

Jayms is a freelance photographer shooting in a photojournalistic style combined with a touch of fine art to capture the souls of the people and places he's encountered along the way. He has photographed land-mine clearance in rural Cambodia, Zapatista rebels in the mountains of Chiapas, Mexico, and recently chronicled Tlingit Indians of Sitka, Alaska, for new photo book being released soon.

This year Jayms been hosting two shows for Travel Channel called "Ecoluxe" and "Travel Fact or Fiction." He is shooting editorial assignments and working on new projects TV projects focused on travel, adventure and sustainability.

Books by Jayms Ramirez