Brunswick Bannernickel


Brunswick Bannernickel grew up on the dusty back roads of a small town in the thumb of Michigan.

While he loved to sketch and write, he found that he excelled in the subjects of science and went to college in the deep south to study Physics.

After learning all he could and graduating from college, Brunswick joined the Navy to see a bit of the world. For many years, he participated in top secret submarine missions in the Far East.

In his off-duty time, Brunswick took up surfing as a hobby. He particularly loved when his submarine would dock in Hawaii and he could surf his favorite spots.

It was there that he was inspired with the idea of finding the ultimate surf location: a secret, untraveled beach with perfect waves.

He went out in search of such a place, and now resides in an undisclosed location, somewhere in Africa.

Brunswick has since taken up writing and drawing in the spare time that he’s not searching for waves.

Books by Brunswick Bannernickel