Justin Benson

Unionville, Connecticut, USA

From the suburbs of Connecticut, Justin dreamt of being behind cameras. Justin began working in the television industry, taking photos of locations for upcoming episodes of prime time television. As time went on, he found himself distracted by images that had little relation to his job. His eye and understanding of photography quickly grew, as his job, turned into a hobby, and his hobby soon turned into a passion. In Justins personal life, he has not been very lucky. He is married to his wife Veronica Benson, but she is in Peru, unable to return to the United States due to immigration policy. This long distance relationship has greatly influenced not only his life, but his writing and photography. As time moves forward, his work continues to grow. Producing images on both film and digital medium. His writing continues to develop as well, as his need for expression continues to grow in his unfortunate situation.

Books by Justin Benson