Judy Bauman

Chapel Hill, NC, USA

Painting is something I truly love and must do. It is an exciting yet calming experience. It is important to me to push the limits, to try new ideas, and to enjoy the process.

I begin each painting with a loose charcoal sketch on canvas. Imagination is the source of ideas for my work. The style is impressionistic. I use acrylic, oil and burlap, usually on large canvas. Paint is applied with assorted palette knives, and a brush is used sparingly. Additional characteristics of my work include the use of thick paint, bold colors, and interesting subject matter. I create paintings to comprise a series with a common theme, demonstrating how experience with the same subject can build a strong collection. Others tell me that my paintings express vitality and joy.

My greatest pleasures are to experience an evolution of creativity for others to enjoy and to begin the next piece.

My art studio is located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

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