Jessica Bottali

Santa Cruz, CA, USA

Jessica Bottali is a photographer from the Bay Area, California. While many find themselves focusing on a particular aspect of the field, such as in journalism or glamour, she has taken interest in the discipline of photography in its entirety from fine art to documentary to commercial.

Her recent focus has been sharing reality. Aspiring to display the truth of now, she forces the viewer to see the subject as it really is, without makeup, artificial lighting or anything else to hide behind.

Using her studies in philosophy, she has based much of her work around the notion of capturing abstractions and ideas. Impermanence, her debut book, is the first in a series of conceptual photography books she intends to create. "In forcing oneself to notice this cycle of constant flux, we can better appreciate each moment individually rather than attempt a certain, encompassing state of being...I seek to share these moments that have since ceased to be."

Books by Jessica Bottali