Joel Boucquemont


Joel Boucquemont is a French artist who has made his mark as an eclectic concept artist in the videogame industry in the San Francisco bay area.
He recently turned his eye to this hybrid artistic project of photographing these natural, random works of art found in everyday objects and scenes.

"Besides the images themselves, what fascinates me the most about these photos is their power to re-kindle our eroded childlike sense of wonderment. Witnessing the grins it brings on the most hardened of adults I encounter, seeing their joy at discovering the strange little creatures hidden among us, just fills me with warmth".

Enjoy the tour!

His personal and professional work has been exhibited in galleries in:

London - Soho House
Paris - Gallerie Arludik
Chicago - Echo Gallery
San Francisco - Vorpal Gallery

His professional work has been featured in:

Graphic novels - The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse trilogy (Bisley/Mendheim)
Books - Digital Beauties (taschen)

Books by Joel Boucquemont