Jenny Cutts

Edinburgh, UK

Jenny's Life of Meaning is an ongoing project to explore certain ideas in different media.

These ideas are presented in "Jenny's Life of Meaning" (2010), my humanist book about meaning. These ideas are anti-metaphysical, there is no separation between physical reality (matter) and meaning (ideas). Art is the creation of meaning through the manipulation of materials or matter. For this reason, Jenny's Life of Meaning is best described as an art project.

1. 'Jenny's Life of Meaning' by Jenny Cutts (2010).

2. Free-Form (Jenny Cutts, 2011, 7 mins 57 seconds).

3. 'Free-Form' by Jenny Cutts (2010).

4. Radiation map of the universe (2011).

5. Materialism (2011)

6. Emerge (Jenny Cutts, 2012, 4 minutes 10 seconds)

Books by Jenny Cutts