Jeffrey DaPuzzo

New York, NY

I started making photos in 1969 with my Kodak Instamatic 124 camera and ever since have been moved by the still image. Today the digital world of photography can produce truly amazing photos, but the composition and story from a photo comes from the photographer.

The lens captures and reveals much about what is happening in the world, and perhaps more importantly it reveals the photographer’s inner vision. The wonder of living can be captured during many moments of a day. These photos provide a glimpse into the beauty of light as it works its magic on the sky and architecture from a single apartment in NYC. These are views of my world.

I have been an advertising executive, elementary school teacher and I am currently working on ways to turn my lifelong photography hobby into a career. I live in NYC and the Hudson Valley with my partner Rob, daughter Hadly, and 2 cats.


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