Jim DeLutes

Boulder, Colorado, US

As a young child, it seemed magical to me that a moment in time could be captured on film. I was fascinated with the photography in Life and National Geographic magazines. In my mind I would put myself in the photographer's place and wonder how and why that particular scene had caught their attention. Although I was nineteen before the first roll of film was shot, I had always imagined the world through the rectangular shape of the viewfinder. Through the years tens of thousands of images have been shot and the awe and wonder of capturing moments in time has only increased.

Whether it is the simple splendor of a nature scene, the fury of a lightning storm, a trip through Italy or the intimate encounter with a flower, my hope is that people will feel the desire to 'walk' into my photos, either visually or emotionally.

With the ability to portray a timeless wonder in my photography, I hope to share the magic of capturing a moment in time with others.

Books by Jim DeLutes