Choreographic Color

New York City/Kansas City

Choreographic Color is the umbrella under which I produce and publish photography, nail art, and dance works. In my art, photography, fashion, and dance are woven together through color and an interesting perspective on objects.

About the artist:
Jennifer Pierce grew up in Kentucky, has lived in Georgia, calls Kansas home, spent several years in Tokyo, Japan and is currently based in New York City. Jennifer's areas of interest and projects include aspects of cheerleading, jewelry design, dance (Butoh, Jazz Funk, Modern), choreography, photography, art history, multimedia art and most recently nail art and Burlesque.

In addition to publishing books under Choreographic Color, Jennifer creates new work and documents her ideas on photography, color, fashion, and dance at www.choreographiccolor.com. You can check out her latest nail designs at www.nailobjects.com.

Books by Choreographic Color