John Egan

Boston,Massachusetts,United States

I joined the Peace Corps and spent three years as a teacher in Africa. An early indication of my future destiny as a photographer was that I didn't bring a camera, and never took a picture while in Africa. Before leaving for Africa, I had read an article which mentioned that many people in the country (The Republic of the Congo) believed that a camera would steal their soul. I made some friends during my stay, and came to realize that the article was not far from the truth.

Fortune has allowed me to come full circle and return to my earlier interest in photography. I am at that age were some weight loss would be beneficial. I certainly don't believe all photographers need to starve, but my initial goals are realistic, if not humble. The industry has changed tremendously, but the possibilities are unlimitted. I am grateful that my parents' gave me a generic name. It's allowed me to explore numerous paths unhindered

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