John Everett Kristoff

Caledonia, Minnesota, USA

JOHN Everett Kristoff was born in Harvey, Illinois. With concentrations in Fine Art and Creative Writing, he has a Master of Arts for Teachers degree in English and a Specialist in Education degree in Instructional Design from Indiana University. He has taught high school English and Drama in the public school system of California, and was an assistant professor of English, advertising, public relations, photography and graphic design at four universities. As a USAID volunteer he worked in Africa and Poland. He has managed advertising promotions for major corporations in the U.S. and Europe. With friend Roger Ferragallo he co-founded the Ferragallo Group to create immense architectural stereography — one array installed in Las Vegas at the Stratosphere Casino and Hotel. Kristoff and Ferragallo are writing a monograph of their work together, (1994–2001) Breaking the Frame.

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