Jenny Wisdom

East Helena, MT

I found out when I was very young that beauty is all around us. Every tree, rock, mountain and stream has its own special light that, if caught in the right moment, can make a person pause, for a single second, and just admire.

Ever since then, I have loved photography. My first camera was an old wind-up with 110 film. I just knew that every picture that I took was perfect. It was the best gift that my mother ever bought me.

My mother has always been patient with me, and has always let me chase my dreams, even when she knew that sometimes they weren't the best dreams. She has always supported me and allowed me to pursue my career as an artist and photographer. I owe her so much for that.
Through the pursuit of a dream, I spent several years in Yellowstone National Park. I worked at different locations in the park, as an hourly employee, and spent my spare time wandering the park, taking pictures.

There are so many pictures that I want to share, and many more which I will.

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