J. F. Bautista


"Born by accident, dedicated to study & forced to work"

2014 Empty Architecture© Published
2014 Architecture of Subterranean Species© Published
2014 http://www.artbybautista.com website is launched
2013 Architecture of Social Organisms© Published
2012 Reverse Engineering© Published
2012 DARK© Published
2011 J. F. Bautista Architecture© Published
2010 Organic Mutant Architecture© Published
2010 vag-a-bond© Published
2009 BRAZIL, MUNDIART (Exhibit)
2009 Brooklyn Art Project (Exhibit)
2009 USA http://www.jfbart.com website is launched
2008 USA MetroXpress New York, NY (Exhibit)
2008 USA Look At Life Gallery, New York, NY.
2007 EL SALVADOR, BIM for Medical Mission International.
2006 CANADA, BIM visualization of highrisers, Montreal.
2005 USA http://www.3d3u2architects.com website launched.
2004 GERMANY, 'Organic Mutant Architecture'© 2005 project.
2003 BELGIUM, BIM Master planning of NATO buildings.
2002 Moved to live in GERMANY
2000 BIM Visualization projects

Books by J. F. Bautista