Jim and Jeannie Miley

Winchester, Ca

Jim and Jeannie are a photographic team and owners of J. Francis Miley Photography. Jim has been a professional photographer for over twenty five years and Jeannie joined the business in the last 10 years. Recently retired from the rigors of our successful
commercial and wedding photography business, they are currently pursuing the creative side of photography - - fine art photography. This shifts the emphasis from realistic representational to emotionally evocative. The work they produce intentionally is designed to evoke a feeling of serenity

Jim and Jeannie both capture images through photography and Jim uses the computer on their digital images too enhance the image as he used to do in the dark room with film, and wet photographic processes. Their photography captures the majestic beauty of landscapes and the hidden beauty of everyday items. It is often the result of combining two or more images to create the impression and emotion they seek to evoke in the viewer.

Books by Jim and Jeannie Miley