Jenny Gandert

Maineville, Ohio USA

My parents influenced us through hard work, creativity, strong Christian values, and a love of nature and animals. They encouraged us to use all of our gifts, including our brains. Through necessity, I had to use the brain so much at work that it overshadowed the creative side for many years. Recently, that side of me has been unleashed and the results are starting to trickle in.

You'll find me in photography contests, a drawing or painting or two (although I'll acknowlege the title of artist belongs to my extremely talented brother) and soon you'll see more writing. I'm starting with my kids' books under the author name "Aunt JenJen Gandert" and hope to finish my novel within the next year. I'll use my normal name for that.

For the illustrations used in my first book, "Willa Gorilla" I edited photographs I'd taken with photo editing software to give them varying degrees of a watercolor appearance.

My web site is slated to be complete sometime in 2010 so check back soon!

Books by Jenny Gandert