Jennifer L Simmonds

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Half of my life in Sydney on the northern beaches (with a gorgeous bro who surfed with the greats like Farrelly and co - and he was good too! - and made our beaches what they are. Wrote for On the Street Magazine in Sydney, then got my Dip in Acting, moved to Melbourne to be with my acting agency down here. Stayed on in Melbourne, working paralegal and conducting workshops for kids, now known as Positive Rules for Positive Kids for which a book is in the offing. My daughter and I have recently released "Just Words - Dark and Light" and will follow these up with various poetry readings, including ones for younger kids and ones by my 11 year old herself who has won art awards and is prolific in the English language and composition. We hope you enjoy our style. One should never hide their creativity, it's what we are here for, to share iwith others, whatever it is we are given as our talent in the dash between those dates of birth and rebirth.

Books by Jennifer L Simmonds