Jhenai Mootz mixed media artist


I am an actor and an artist. These two very seperate jobs have begun to inform one another. My art is almost always a reflection of the emotions that language inspires. Words when woven together create amazing images in our heads. I revel in taking language and enhancing it with images, colors, and textures that move me and help to give new and different dimensions to the ideas lifted from the page.

In addition to the 6x6 ceramic tiles, I have recently incorporated a line of greeting cards. I also mosaic mirrors, and refinish furniture in what can only be referred to as functional art.

Areas of Expertise

I am crazy for texture and color, be it in language, or the kind that can be seen and touched. I have found no need to pick a media, the fun for me comes from constantly diving in feet first into a new technique, playing with it...and reforming it to enhance whatever I am currently trying to coax out of my mind. To me there is a joy in it all, be it in photography, mosaics, decoupage, graphic design, embossing, wire work, sculpting, engraving....anything I can get my hands on.

Professional Affiliations

The ANDERSON GALLERIA is my permanent retail location.
My work can be found on the 2nd floor. 5247 N Clark St. Chicago, IL

My work can also currently be found at:
Lifeline Theatre {Chicago, IL}
The Shakespeare Theater Company gift store {Washington, DC}
The Common Cup Cafe {Chicago,IL}
TSUBO Hair Salon {Chicago,IL}

Books by Jhenai Mootz mixed media artist