Jim Austin Jimages


James Austin M.A.is a teacher, writer, and digital imaging consultant. He taught digital photography for 5 years in the design department of Colorado University in Denver. Austin is an Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop.

The Smithsonian Institution in Washington, Photographer’s Gallery, and Denver Art Museum have all exhibited his work. The New Yorker Magazine, Nature’s Best Magazine and Popular Photography have published his work, and he was a writer for Apogee Photo Magazine for two decades.

Works by this Author: Dancing With Light, Photopia, P The Hive and Dei Light, Haiku Photography, Eye Bahamas, Pi

Austin received a commission from the University Of Colorado Health Science Center to make a 17 foot wide by 6 foot high mural of 75 pictures for a memorial.

His company, Jimages, provides wedding and portrait service and specializes in digital retouching. He has done volunteer photography for National Alzheimer’s Association, Breast Cancer Awareness and All Age Schools.

Areas of Expertise

Adventure Photography, Digital Imaging, Teaching, Photography Writing.

Professional Affiliations

Adobe Certified Expert, NAPP, Instructor at Colorado University, NANPA, Writer for Apogee Photo Magazine, Film Photography Project writer.

Books by Jim Austin Jimages