Jacqueline Judge

San Francisco, CA, United States

Jacqueline is a 24 year old university graduate in Anthropology and Sociology who spends her time writing short stories, baking gastonomic delights, and working on her satirical comic, Adventures in Paradigm. She is currently seeking MFA programs in Creative Literature, and spends her working days as a freelance editor and publishing assistant for Arcadia Publishing.

I thoroughly enjoy: My live-in boyfriend, passionate monologues, fervent opinions, clear descriptions, well-researched discussions, and rolling words off the tongue like a well-seasoned phonetic hooker.

I thoroughly dislike: The Arrogant and Intolerant and Unwilling.

Jacqueline currently lives in her lovely flat in Pacific Heights, SF, near the Fillmore district, whom she shares with her guitar-playing, photographer-extraordinaire boyfriend, and their cat, Blue.

Books by Jacqueline Judge