John Kiely

Mossley, Lancs, UK

Landscape photography for me is my escape, my therapy, my safety valve!

Like many landscape photographers I am quite a solitary person, I avoid crowds, I hate being the centre of attention. We all have to earn a living so I have a job that is at odds with my natural instincts, teaching photography. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great job. I get paid to work with other photographers, from complete beginners to practicing professionals and I thoroughly enjoy it (apart from the admin of course). Landscape photography is my escape from this.

I need to immerse myself in the activity, I can’t go out for the odd hour and produce images, I need to dedicate my time to my images. This means that I regularly take my tent up to the Lake District national park in the north west of the UK and spend a few days with just my camera. Quite a selfish activity I suppose, but I have a very supportive family.

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