Joey Reyes

Bronx, NY, US

my interest in photography started back in 1994. i was attending washington irving hs in nyc. i was accepted into their photography program in the 2nd semester of my sophomore year and never looked back. here is where it all began; from shooting my first photo with a self-made pinhole camera to developing my own b&w negatives and prints in the dark room.

my first camera was a pentax k1000 (which i still use today) and i carried it with me wherever i went. as the years went by and digital cameras became more popular, i began experimenting with them as well. i also have a holga that i love using. i love the lo-fi look of lomo.
lately i've been using my iphone a lot to achieve a similar look. it's such a great tool. and with all the great editing apps available it's even better.

lomosnaps is the result of my iphone photography experiment. i hope you enjoy my work. you can see more at

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