Joe Darin

San Diego, California

Joe Darin's two careers in the arts began at Notre Dame in the 1960's where he studied architecture. Today, he continues to experiment in the creation of emotionally evocative photographs. With the advent of high resolution digital cameras and improved image editing software, he has added a new level of creativity to his art.

His photographs have been published in books such as "Finishing the Figure", and in Japan, "The Love Formed Human". He plans a book of his photographs of the Mining Towns of the West. In magazines, his photographs appeared in the United States, Germany and the Netherlands. A significant photo was included in the "Holiday Treasures at the White House" brochure in 1999.

He has taught photography in Santa Fe, NM; Portland, OR; Billings, MT and San Diego, CA. He is past president and currently on the Board of Directors of the San Diego Museum of Art Artists Guild.

Books by Joe Darin