Joel Addams Photography


Addams entered outdoor and travel photography in 2004 with a thirst for great light and meaningful travel. Joel has proven versatile both in the categories of rich color landscapes and travel photography and the subtle tones of black and white imaging. Always looking with an artistic eye, even his sports imagery and commercial work have taken on compositions that push the viewer to consider the composition and balance found normally in gallery work. Addams continues to focus more on aesthetics than subject, selecting content that matches his vision of the preservation of the landscape, the power of individual outdoor sports, and the poetry found in minimalist black and white scenics. His overarching concern is that of quality in the capture, processing, and printing of an image, which becomes evident to both collectors and clients of Joel's work.

Areas of Expertise

Black and white, travel imagery, photojournalism, commercial

Professional Affiliations

Singh-Ray Filters
Aurora Photos