John (Jay) Parks

Vineland, New Jersey, USA

Ever since I was a young man I was creating art work. There was no medium that I didn't explore. Oils, water color, ink, pastels, and pencil, were just a few, however photography kept coming on strong, and it eventually took over as my main hobby. Everywhere I went I took a camera with me and captured images. My life centered around photgraphs, and still does today.

Early on I educated myself by studying the photographs of Alfred Steiglitz, Edward Weston, and Ansel Adams, just to name a few.

Black and white photos were the main medium back then, so I did plenty of it, and eventually became proficient in making large B&W prints. Color photography eventually took over and became my strong point. Soon, I was creating excellent quality color fine art prints in my darkroom.

I welcomed the digital revolution in photography enthusiastically. Today my darkroom is now a computer lab, allowing me to let you see it my way.

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