John Mariana

Alpharetta, GA

John's formal art training began at age eleven with pencil, pen and ink and evolved into watercolor. Undergraduate studies introduced him to Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and other Renaissance painters. The color palette and unique perspective of Titian’s paintings have been a major influence on John’s art.

In 1981 a tour through the English countryside with visits to many of the major cathedrals in England awakened his love of architecture, especially gothic architecture. It was this experience of seeing the delicate and intricate cathedrals and the beautiful landscapes of the Cotswold that brought John into photography and away from painting.

By studying Maxfield Parish illustrations he developed the ability to create three dimensions within two dimensional art. The works of J M W Turner and Rembrandt influenced his use of light and form.

It is John's special combination of painting, architecture and landscapes that is used to create artistic visions.

Books by John Mariana