John Sauve

Brighton, Michigan

The Sauvé Art Foundation is a Nonprofit Institution (501C3) which sponsors Public Sculpture Exhibits, Film Festivals, Performances, and education programs, establishing close links to the local community and other cultural institutions and universities in the United States and abroad. Started by John Sauvé, The Sauvé Art Foundation provides artists from around the world an opportunity to develop and exhibit their work in a stimulating environment. The Sauvé Art Foundation Internship Program offers students from a variety of disciplines hands-on experience in project management. The Sauvé Art Foundation produces an annual newsletter, Exhibit Catalogs, Books, Short Films, Documentaries, concerts, readings, and art exhibitions celebrating the Sauvé Art Foundation's rich history and vibrant present. For more information on how you can contribute to the Sauvé Art Foundation Contact:

Books by John Sauve