Joshua Tay


Joshua Tay is a freelance concept illustrator and an arts trainer, based in Singapore, who has been creating artworks for more than 7 years. He was awarded 2nd Runners Up in Mangaka 07; a Singapore digital arts competition. In 2010, his design was awarded Top 10 Designs for Tote Bag design Competition 2010. In the same year, Joshua was honoured to be featured in Spotted! section of Culturepush in the month of February 2010. In the ImagineFX Issue 86, Joshua's artworks were featured in the DVD Readers' FXPose Gallery. He also started "365 Days of Sketches", an initiative to encourage drawing every day, 365 days a year. He is also the creator of 阿毛日记, a story about a fictional local neighbourhood kid who is curious about everything in the world. You can reach him thru the links below.

eMail: joshlabindustries(at)

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