Josina den Burger



Josina den Burger/ Josina Burgess.

Josina studied at the Famous Artists Schools of America and graduated in illustration, advertisement,free painting and drawing. She studied under Ben Stahl, Al Parker, Jon Witcomb, Fred Ludekens, Peter Helck, got her papers in 1967 and then decided to become a ...singer..
She studied under Beb Ogterop and as a professional singer she worked successfully in the Netherlands especially in the 70ties (was the first female protestsinger) . Made several albums, was a member of the Knokke Songfestival Team and had her own Radio and Personality show on the Dutch Television. Performed all over the world and was a guest in many radio and television shows.
During all those years of traveling she continued painting and drawing. Once a painter, always a painter. The work has many facets. Feelings and impressions, subtile, but also powerful and above all the use of bright colors are specific for her art. The golden series are shown in this book.

Books by Josina den Burger