Ron Mealing

Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Ronald William Mealing was born, Sydney, Australia June 18, 1937. After graduation, he took up Accounting and became highly qualified in Post Graduate Cost & Management Accounting, Based within his professional CPA practice, he travelled the world many times to solve highly complex advanced accounting problems. Tired of over ten years this, Ron sold his practtice and commenced to write his first children's story, "Adventures in the Lost Kingdom of Radish" (published, 1984). Ron was severly impacted by the severe 1987 recession and, after taking a commission in Papua New Guinea in 1988, migrated to the USA, finally settling in Tennessee,1991. By 2011, Ron had published his first poetry book ("On - Volume 1"), produced and hosted two TV shows (one award), theatrically exhibited his first film short "The Story of Night & Day" (3 "Best Animation" awards), started production on a full length animated feature based on his first storybook and published his next poetry book, "On - Volume 2",

Books by Ron Mealing