J.P. Flores

Seattle, Washington

What interests me about photography as an artist is the image removed from its context. The re-contextualization of the image has long questioned the “truthfulness” of the photograph. Whether through juxtaposition or manipulation, the photographic image is more and more the outcome of artistic vision rather than a tool for evidence.

Photography is poetry. Images in sequence become words in the poem. Often mundane images become pregnant with meaning and transcend their evidential stigma through sequencing. I often link good photography with the way a haiku captures a simple moment between its lines with profound clarity.

In my own works I strive to create these visual poems; pulling from anything that plants the seeds of inspiration in me. My finished works are often presented in a book which gives the viewer a more intimate way to experience the work. As an artist my intent is to create work that inspires others and questions our perception of Truth.

Books by J.P. Flores